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Robin Faichney (robin@faichney.demon.co.uk)
Sat, 22 May 1999 19:14:49 +0100

In message <610-3746EF9D-3519@postoffice-152.iap.bryant.webtv.net>, James Veverka <headbands@webtv.net> writes

Hey, if I post more pro-warming websites than you post anti-warming ones, will I win?

You seem to forget I'm not such an easy lay as some people might be. Here's a repeat of something I posted recently: ===
My last job (I'm now self-employed) was as a researcher in a university environmental science department. My previous job was in an economics department, looking at MARKET instruments for pollution control (tradable permits). I've been a member of both Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth for probably 15 years, and generally in favour of environmentalism and "green living" for longer than that. I voted for the Green party in the recent elections here (an option I'm sure you don't get in the US), and there is now one Green member of the new Scottish parliament. I know the energy spokesman for the Scottish Greens (helped him get on the net), and was close friends at one time with one of their previous parliamentary candidates. ===
This is not the place to argue about global warming or any other environmental issue. I suggest you take it to sci.environment.

Robin Faichney
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