Re: virus: cooler heads

Robin Faichney (
Sat, 22 May 1999 16:39:28 +0100

In message <>, James Veverka <> writes
>Robin......Well actually I am not quite sure what is suppose to be
>presented. I envisioned a little more philosophy but I have to admit I
>like the disorder. I am new here and when I consider some of the threads
>(that do remind me of a bar) I havent a clue!

I said "site", not "list". I was referring to

>But for myself, ideas drive political initiatives, so I consider a
>balanced point of view paramount to society's evolution and safety; and
>tantamount to stability.
>In message <>,
>James Veverka <> writes
>>Stephen.....Have you heard of the Oregon Institute's document signed by
>>thousands of scientists???
>James.....Are you under the impression that this site endeavours to
>present a balanced view of the issues? :-)

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