Re: virus: Blue Pill Theorum

Dan Plante (
Fri, 21 May 1999 23:36:07 -0700

At 11:22 PM 21/05/99 -0400, James Veverka wrote:

>Roni........I live next to a church and they are all real nice
>people.......UNTIL they attempt to legislate my life with their beliefs.
>Then its war. So it matters to me WHAT they believe in their service to
>their god. The evangelism that continually attacks the separation
>between religion and government that is dangerous to liberty has to be
>treated with hostility.

I agree, as long as the hostility doesn't manifest itself in anything more extreme than words. Otherwise, we'd be legislating _their_ lives with _our_ beliefs. It would also contravene other ideals of your constitution such as presumption of innocence and freedom of (not from) religion. I assume that's what you meant, James, but I wasn't entirely sure.