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Raping women==Slaughtering for meat???????

It is still a bad comparison for this reason that completely divorces them.

We evolved to eat meat and it was a major component and KEY to survival. Rape is not key for anything except to a rogue male. It serves no survival purpose. Find another comparison.

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Wade wrote:

>>>> Also, you started out by insinuating meat eaters are analogous to
>>>> rapists
>>>...that's not what I said. Reconstructing from memory, the exchange
>>>went like this:
>>Right, that's not what you said, but it is what you insinuated.
>He also insinuated that rape was a fun thing to do, and, amazingly, one
>of the first to come to bat for him was a woman.

Whoa, Wade. You mean me? I don't recall saying "rape is fun", and if I remember right, he said "rape feels good". I cannot speak for 'psypher', but I am positive that *I* did not compare carnivores to rapists. If it's that confusing, I'll break it down even further:

  1. Sex is good/feels good. Right? Okay.
  2. Satisfying your hunger and eating meat is good/feels good, right? Yes.

There are extreme and *bad* measures people take in order to achieve self-satisfaction. I'm not going to argue about which form of suffering is more valid, on the grounds that it would be a stupid argument. I would agree that rape is mainly about power, but look at it this way:

rape for the purpose of sex = inhumane slaughter for the purpose of food

That's all I said! Those are two fundamentally *good* things, we would agree, but how they are obtained varies in degrees of goodness. Also, I never said that butchering an animal is "fun" either, although some people do enjoy killing, and it is still done.

>I got no idea why the word 'rape' would be excused by a woman, in any
>context. I really don't. I don't excuse it, certainly not when the word
>'fun' is attached to it.

What do you mean by "excuse" the word? I don't understand.

>I'm still pissed about it.

And I'm still downright pissed that Charlton Heston won't give me back my sacred knockwurst or return my phone calls.

I wish everyone would take a blue Chill Pill. That is what we need. Or Nitrous Oxide for the whole of CoV. I don't see what the big deal is if someone screws up your name. Between my real name, my 'net alias and various variations, I get called about a hundred different things. I think having your co-workers lovingly refer to you as "Krusty" is a blessing of humility. Not to mention my retro pet-nick "Cookie". And I also don't see how it was necessary for that "pop quiz#14" to escalate into a incomprehensible flame circus. Folks, settle like the dust on the hinges of Brett's negated fruit cart.