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> Seems we approach knowledge differently. While you apparently find the
> meaning of apples and "semiotic trilogies" magically included in
> dictionaries and (I assume) "other people's" writings (though can't seem
> to explain how they got there)...
Other people wrote them, nimrod, after taking looks about themselves!
> I (on the other hand) find that ideas,
> concepts, images, ideals, AND INDIVIDUALS (as well as "idols", a term
> you seem overly sensitive of)
Only because it's one of your many annoyingly nonrelational schizoid hiccups.
>arise by natural mechanical expression of
> objects and are available (using certain natural tendencies) without
> recourse to the relativism suggested by "intersubjective" agreement and
> "subjective" compromise.
In other words, being, as you claim, infallible (despite your myriad errors in previous posts), you have no need to stand on the shoulders of thousands of years of thought, but omnisciently and immediately intuit "The Truth". You are solipsistically right and everyone else is wrong. What magalomanic crapola!
> The difference in approach has obvious results in our writing styles.
> While you tend to mock some people and IDOLIZE others (by which you,
> perhaps, seek to affirm a particular agreed upon version of "truth" to
> the detriment of one on which you do not agree); I (on the other hand)
> express an inherent capacity to create and produce original work (which
> needs neither be affirmed by nor forced upon those who have the innate
> ability to discern the truth of it without the use of social engineering
> [or recourse to dictionary "b" when dictionary "a" doesn't satisfy their
> delusional construct]).
I have posted original work upon this list which, unlike your garbage, is actually worth a shit (if an offer of a teaching assistanceship while I pursue my doctorate at Berkeley is any indication). I do a wheat and chaff, provisionally both accepting the reasonable perspectives of others and rejecting the unreasonable ones (of which your diseased outlook is a shining, sterling and dogmatic example), based upon a review for external coherence and internal consistency (two properties your garbage cospicuously lacks). Accept the fact that you are mentally ill and delusional, forego any future pseudological rantings, and try basketweaving. It'll be GOOD for you!
> While I am sure you THINK you are critiquing the logic of my
> presentation... I assure you that your comments are difficult to make
> sense of LOGICALLY (for example, who cares-- with regard to prescriptive
> and descriptive images-- if the word apple is found in the
> dictionary?!?). Thanks, nonetheless, for your "contributions" to this
> discussion.
Only because you possess no logic with which to critique them, a fact immediately obvious to any nonmoron who deigns to read your diarrheal ravings.
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