Re: virus: Cow
Fri, 21 May 1999 15:23:28 EDT

<< Rape is never for the purpose of sex. >> * three Cheers for Wade***
Rape is for the purpose ov control. Thee damage that rape leaves behind is also a form ov control because thee emotional impact that it does to thee victim is often very crippling. Thee victim is scared at noise and situations that before never effected them in such a fearful manner. Thee fear it can happen again can cause that victim to with draw completely from thee daily activities they would have been if it had not been for thee that person destroying and violating them.
Rape is about defiling and degrading a person so that they feel as lowly and awful about themselves as the person that did the crime feels about them selves.
Rape Has nothing to do with sex. However there are other types ov rape out there and they are all based on the same thing Domination and degradation. I do not believe that a cow being used a food source can have any relation to the issue ov rape..
I mean cows are used for food and jackets and so on. People that eat meat are not really harming anyone but their intestines. However people that rape are harming people and it serves no useful purpose whatsoever

Throwing my 2 cents in...