Re: virus: Extremist Memes

Jim (
Fri, 21 May 1999 11:09:15 -0500

>Anyway the statement is untrue, because the mass media is very keen to
>get people excited about any opportunity to spend money.

It is my belief that you are correct but it is not the public spending money that matters to them it is their advertisers. The media is a group organism not unlike the Borg. It has developed and evolved be it by evolution or intentional design though I doubt they will admit to intentionally doing what they do. But in all honesty they need children to die and the more horrific the better. By show and telling every detail they know they are setting up copy cat behavior and that means more news and more people glued to the television. (Questions to the authorities immediately following the shooting mention copy cat behavior). They are setting the programming to continue the cycle.They are happy their advertisers are happy and the blood that runs turns to gold. They really are ineffective at providing answers to the problem because it would threaten their self. It is self preservation. They point to others video games and the Internet to defer blame. People are willing to go along because many of them know very little of video games and the Internet. ( Fear of the unknown )

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