RE: virus: pop quiz #14

Brett Robertson (
Fri, 21 May 1999 03:45:42 -0500 (EST)

prescriptive is to descriptive as normative is to...

Assuming "fruit" (Joe):

Apples may be normative of fruit. Apples, AS A NORM, relate to fruit, as PRESCRIPTIVE, in such cases that "fruit" is an abstraction which only might include apples but which nonetheless names the apple with regard to a generalization from which the specifics of an apple might be EXTRACTED.

Still assuming that apples are normative of fruit. "Fruit" may also be considered descriptive of apples (illuminating the formula presented) assuming that "fruit" is a symbolic expression elicited by the icon (or token) "apple". This particular example further suggests that said apple is not-- in such a case-- merely being prescribed by the generic term for similar objects (but is, as such, being DESCRIBED by the term suggested).

In cases where what is normative may be related by what is either prescriptive or descriptive of it, the essential nature of the example may be expressed by the term "normative" in both cases (that prescriptive might be contrasted from descriptive) similar to how idol may be contrasted from icon; that is, both may be normative-- yet the idol be prescribed from an abstraction and the icon described by a symbol.

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