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Brett Robertson (
Thu, 20 May 1999 20:56:00 -0500 (EST)

Prescriptive is to Descriptive as Normative is to....


The differences between what is abstract, ideal, essential, symbolic, archetypal, and/ or what relates to an image or idol-- as well as what is iconographic-- is subtle.

What you MIGHT be saying is:

How is the essential nature of a thing restated, within a systems representation that might include it, such that the abstraction of it
(what is prescriptive) describes a SIMILAR quality to the symbolization
of it (what is descriptive). These two qualities (the abstraction and the symbolic representation) MAY be referred to as the normative image and the phenomenal image (meaning "the one which names" it and "the one which expresses it"); though, this characterization doesn't address a different essential nature in the two cases.

It may be shown that what is expressed is DIFFERENT from what is named
(and thus that each refers to one of two potentially distinct essential
natures-- for example, the "justification" which is named and the "truth" which is expressed). To indicate this, one must suggest that what is named refers to a static system (which is averaged to a point and so becomes crystallized by the naming of it, and /or which refers, then, to the [self] justification for it); and that the image which is expressed refers to a viable system (such that by simply restating the essential nature of the system one can not indicate the potential contained within it).

In such cases: The "icon" (which is descriptive) is distinct from the "idol" (which is prescriptive): The idol, then, refers to what is normative. This is in contrast to the icon-- though the icon ALSO refers to what is normative. What is iconographic, however, further suggests that the essential nature of the normative abstraction MAY refer merely to what is justified... while the normative symbol-- the icon suggests-- essentially refers to what is true.

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