Re: virus: Maxims: the universe and truth

Dan Plante (
Thu, 20 May 1999 16:26:09 -0700

>At 04:51 PM 20/05/99 -0500, Joe E. Dees wrote:

>> From: Dan Plante <>

>> I suspect that this characteristic is a side effect of
>> analysis that trancends boundaries of emergence - that is, it comes from
>> attempting to percieve patterns in a system that includes both the emergent
>> phenomenon, and the subordinate level from which it arose, all at the same
>> time. This is, therefore, as I see it, a patterned side-effect of a
>> universe driven and herded by the process of evolution since (before?) the
>> Big Bang.

>We being the emergent phenomena and our surroundings being the
>substrate source.

Well, painting with a really wide brush, yes, I guess you could say that.