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psypher (
Thu, 20 May 1999 00:07:18 -0400 (EDT)

> I concede that most of us probably believe that wholes are
> composed of parts. Do you have any counterexamples in mind?

...I can't argue the basic division of parts and wholes. My objection is more to the assumption that parts of wholes are discrete entities which, taken in sum can account for the workings of the system [whole]. Any defined whole is itself a part of a greater system.

> As for the rest, I suggest you question your own assumptions
> about our views.

...I am willing to cop to painting with a broad brush. Also to not devoting the appropriate time and effort to composing the structure of what I wanted to say.
...thus chastened, I hasten to add that the assumptions I stated are commonly made with respect to the goals and workings of science. My claim that scientists hold them was hasty, though some scientists do hold them. any case, more on this in a post entitled "tactical matters"

> You believed Rifkin's "Entropy"? Did you know that the earth
> is in fact not a closed system?

...I did, in fact know that. There being an enormous glowing ball in the sky to serve as a reminder each day. ...neither did I say i "believed" it. I said it was influential - ie. it contained ideas and analysis which I found instructive and valuable.

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