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First of all the biosphere is not static. There are exchanges of gases at all levels of the environment. This biosphere regulates itself quite well, regardless of how many farts come out of Wyoming or New Zealand. This is like the Global Warming debate where people think that it has always been "this way". When you realize that the fertile crescent was once fertile and Greenland was once green you see everything in a flux.The "little ice age of the 14th-18th centuries lowered life expectancy by 10 years al over Europe. Myself, I am not concerned with cow farts and global warming. What I am concerned with is water and air quality, which is paramount to the exchange of gases. Love Canal in upstate NY is a prime example of what gets my hair up. Poison in the air and water. I am not the supporter of unregulated big business that you have pegged me for.

Libertarianism is dead set against government subsidies and corporate welfare. These policies interfere with free market economies. Libertarianism requires a military to protect our borders (territorialism!) and to participate in internationally sanctioned operations to maintain global stabiliy (and of course to spread democratic principals like freedom of expression and press and etc...)

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> That is absurd Rifkin nonsense.

...on what basis do you reject it as absurd? Other than that it is inconvenient for the continuance of your chosen lifestyle? certainly doesn't fit with your libertarian politics, requiring, as it does, maintenance of the situation by government subsidies and military supports.


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