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Tue, 18 May 1999 22:44:36 -0400


Snow Leopard <> writes: <<
I wouldn't believe some of this, uness I was there and saw it with my own eyes, quite impossible. As we Snow Leopards say, "I'll believe it, when school freezes over."

You certainly don't have to see it to believe it -- you can go and read their own words. Each of Luther, Augustine, Hermas and Eusebius said, in as many words, that they had lied and would continue to lie to further the cause of Christ. Matthew (the name we gave him) is known to be a liar because we can check several of the things he wrote against other historical accounts and records. Paul "became all things to all men" that he might save -- and was several times accused of lying, although he at least denied it! (see his letters). You do the math.

(I can probably dig up the relevant quotations, if you'd like me too)

Modern examples of lying Christians are also not rare -- check out the scandel caused by the Dead Sea Scrolls for one; or read just about an "creationist" book.

Among those who advanced their carrers by lies. I'm not even going to mention politicians. I'm talking science. The two names first to come to mind are Isaac Newton, and Gregor Mendel. They "modified" their results. Those results are the basis of modern science.

Yes, scientists sometimes lie. In science, however, that doesn't matter greatly because such lies are always found and corrected. In *religion*, on the other hand, lies get passed down from generation to generation: *you* are the only example we need of that.