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Psypher wrote that science assumes: 5) the scientific endeavor is devoid of bias and assumptions.

Who believes this?????? Not me. Surely not those in the midst of their experiments and observations. They can't be separated. That is why there is no end to the discovery process and the accumulation of knowledge. And also why knowledge-driven is more important than philosophy or religion driven ideologies. Understanding the "existent" universe is fast becoming the platform from which political science theory is springing from.

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> Science, by, of, and from its own genesis, questions all
> If it doesn't, it ain't science.
> The snow is often yellow from dogma.

...assumptions frequent in scientists:

[1] wholes are composed of parts

[2] it is possible to attain an objective perspective wrt an observed process

[3] the findings of science will eventually [or can, in principle] encompass the whole of reality

[4] features of the world which are real [or at least significant] can be measured and expressed quantitatively.

[5] the scientific endeavour is devoid of bias and assumptions.

...if, as you suppose, whatever does not question its assumptions is not science, then I would suggest that little or no science has ever been done.

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