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Lighten up! It was only a quip! And ME at the top of the pyramid? I dont think so. Position of priveledge? Wealth? NOT! Just another explorer like you, only with a lot more years and a lot less schooling AND a sponge for a brain. Give it to me, baby!

Policy and responsibility? I have a libertarian viewpoint. I disagree with the PC from "liberals" and "moral correctness" from the "conservatives". I would be considered amoral by absolutist standards. As with all the talk of "truth" being contextual, and embedded in a frame of reference, that is how I approach morality. "Thou shalts"......... can be amended with "except for......." continuously. Absolutists have fits with this concept.

We may be saying the same thing and I dont know it. Some of you virians are brilliant AND educated. As others have said, your conversation is quite complex. Anyone dropping in would think they landed on another planet. I happen to love it.

My "quip" was meant to illicit a response, with the humor in mind. I would prefer the middle ground for social policy, of course.

" Uneducated "

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> Psypher,
> I will take lawless anarchy over oppressive order any day!!!!

...I'm an anarchist, through and through. And opressive order is a bad thing. Opression and order themselves though are not related concepts.

To quote Kropotkin:

Anarchy is order.

...You're comfortable making the statement that you prefer "lawless anarchy over opressive order" because you are a beneficiary of opressive order. Because you sit near the top of the pyramid you're free to disregard it.

...I'd be more than happy to have a discussion with you about right political action and our mutual responsibility on this planet, but as long as you're going to spout uneducated statements from a position of priviledge then we have nothing to discuss.

...amorality is a conceit of the wealthy.

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