virus: Trivial yet Annoying
Mon, 17 May 1999 18:34:51 EDT

My rant here is for all ov those out there that keep getting unsolicited emails. I often just delete yet for some reason these things can fill a virtual mail box and you can often delete thee important email surround the cluttersome garbage. I have tried the usual blocking ov these accounts which find soem alternate way ov shoving themselves into my box. I have tried politely writing to thee owner which is often some dead and deamon errored account. Yet today whilst admittingly having a rather fustrating day ov work on a very important account, I was waiting for a reply. I accidently deleted because it was dead smack between two ads schreaming Free Teen Hott SEX.... I usually can leave such annoyances at bay but today when I begged my client to resend their email, rather a less professional feeling I must say. I recieved yet two more ov thee same exact emails from the same persons... I have decided okay. Enuff is enuff.... The insane me took over. I send thee following response to thee group because I feel that maybe you all can get soem use out ov it thee next time some twit comes rudely dropping into your personal space.
On behalf ov thee few people out there that are probabally not interested in seeing the various sorted naked frolicing ov thee younger generation or any generation for that matter, I am writing you with a valid promise. Should you be as ignorant as to attempt to send another ad your account will suffer the wrath. There are ways ov rendering your database useless if you should be able to get them back up at all. I am not interested in thee propigation ov thee young hott decline in moral standards ov thee society. Intellectually speaking, which I am certain would be far to difficult for your minuscule mind to fathom, some people could find better ways to spend their time. I'm sure that in your case a lack ov good breeding and education or talent is thee cause for you ill mannered solicitation. Too bad the gene pool can't be chlorinted to remove those like yourself giving thee society a better chance at survival.
Also I am certain that your account you think is untracible but there are ways ov finding you and wiping that blot off the face ov the preverbial cyber record. Thee proper steps have already been taken to insure that this situation has been rectifed, ov course an appology would be far too much ov a considerate gesture on your behalf as I am sure someone ov your character * or severe lack thereov* is capible ov issuing. So I shall assume that there will not be a repeat ov this situation.
Owner ov thee account that YOU made thee poor judgement ov cluttering with mind trash.