Re: virus: epistemology of email
Mon, 17 May 1999 13:03:28 EDT

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> Email lists, Web forums and usnet groups are, IMO, the cybersocietal
> equivalent to a beerhall. And using it as such can serve a pretty useful
> function. Use email, don't let it use you. IMO.

I have been thinking about this abit and IMO as you say, its very not like a beer hall. The senses are not fully ,( smell the smoke hear the crowd bump into the waitress,) operational except the 6th. I have a feeling it is this sixth sense that will need to be honed so that we can 'read' a whole person through the words alone more quickly and more effectively. Absence of those subtle messages we are programed to receive through body language, voice inflection, etc delay even psotpone a clear reading. But maybe not. Computer generated 'readings' will most likely be as effective as horoscopes.