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Dave Hall (
Sat, 15 May 1999 04:13:55 +0100

>>Somebody join this one and report back, please.
>>Successful_Spells [For People Over 17]

>Cool, Dave. Can you give the details of the story?

There are two stories. Firstly, I decided that your "spell" to make me go and join this list was sufficiently benign to "just do it". I'll remain under the spell and continue to report back until a better spell comes along. This one is a current contender &

Thus begins the second story: Not knowing what to do, I relied on guessing, so just sent this multi-pronged probe into the mystery void. If there is some intelligence in there, I'm sure it will respond. Exactly how is the fun part. Any guesses? Here's the "probe":

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My name is Dave Hall ... I work in the software industry as a beta tester for some big corporate software makers (I have these non-disclosure contracts which prevent me from saying who, but I don't mind saying who in a private email. Just ask me). Anyway I get to see quite a lot of websites and often find "weird" sayings written into the words that, well they make me think they've been put there especially to get my attention. The big corporates themselves are pretty good in the banner ads! Well they try to be.

Anyway I saw this stuff below on a web site and it worked for me (I think .. how does one actually tell if a spell has worked?)

uplift: i have seen god
i have decided that he is i and us
we suggest you do the same

Is this the right place to be asking this question? What kind of questions can I ask here?

Thanks for helping!