virus: FAQ

Chapman, Rhonda (RChapman@ESD.WA.GOV)
Thu, 13 May 1999 08:46:19 -0700

There has recently been a fair amount of discussion regarding
"consciousness" versus unconsciousness. This morning I am realizing that
there is a very great difference between being "awake" and being conscious. Maybe none of the rest of you ever travel through life in a state of reduced awareness. That can be a choice. Or it can be a state of ignorance. For my part, I am becoming very aware that I avoid being
"conscious" of anything I do not choose to deal with at a given point in

On that basis, I would like to raise some more serious consideration of
"consciousness" or "heightened consciousness" as a church objective. If the
wording seems too vague for new members entering the list, I suggest that we alter the wording rather than throw out the concept.


By the way (BTW, right?), what does FAQ stand for? I'm also out of the loop on IMHO. A dictionary of "net speak" would be rather handy at times like these!

Thanks, Roni