Re: virus: maxims and ground rules

Dan Plante (
Thu, 13 May 1999 01:04:08 -0700

In message <199904102153a4045@?>, psypher <> writes

>>...anybody else have any comments on this one?
>>>> All statements of truth are embedded a particular frame of
>>> reference from which they cannot be separated without becoming
>>> suppositions.
>>> Ooo! I like that!
>Me too!

So do I, with one caveat. I agree with Hermit's analysis on this one. By "frame of reference", we simply mean the "context" of the statement, and since the subject draws on context for meaning, removing the context renders the statement meaningless. Accordingly, changing the context changes the meaning. If I'm not mistaken, this rule of logic is the primary foundation of communications theory.

Context-dependancy is another subject that has been beat to death on this list in the past. I was under the impression that a (possibly shaky) general concensus had been reached. Perhaps I am guilty of the aforementioned cardinal sin of assuming concensus through lack of posted objections?