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Yah, right . . . "continuity". That'ld be my reason, too! Roni -----Original Message-----
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>Sounds cool. I think I would want to watch the first half-hour though. You
>know, for the sake of... of... continuity. Yeah. That's it. Continuity.
>Zloduska wrote:
>> as for more memetically-flavored movie reviews:
>> I recently rented _The Rapture_. This movie shows both the perspective
>> Christians and atheists alike, in a dead pan, simple sort of way. It's
>> at all complex, and there are some weak mystical moments, but other
>> and exchanges between characters are priceless. Briefly, _The Rapture_
>> involves a woman named Sharon (Mimi Rogers) who leads a "sinful"
>> of excessive sex and drugs, and is content until one day the emptiness
>> inside consumes her and she is nearly driven to suicide. Shortly after,
>> she becomes "clean", finds Jesus, joins a religious cult, and awaits the
>> end of the world. This is not a pro-Xtian movie, although it could be
>> that way- if you're as dense as a meteor. It is very dark. In the end,
>> her Faith and "trust in God" completely backfires on her and her family.
>> It's almost an evil pleasure to watch, if it weren't so close to reality.
>> There are some drawbacks. Unless you are a fan of late-nite HBO
>> skin-flicks, I would recommend fast-forwarding through the first
>> of the movie; you won't miss anything. Also, that horrible actor from
>> X-files (David something-or-other) is a main character. Not to mention
>> that the script and acting is terrible at the beginning. BUT, halfway
>> through, the movie becomes much more eerie and entertaining, with a
>> plot and dialogue.
>> My favorite part:
>> zombie zealot: "God will forgive all of your sins."
>> jaded apostate: "But who forgives God?"
>> Gooey Pies and Lozenges 2 you all.
>> ~kjs