Re: virus: maxims and ground rules and suppositions

psypher (
Wed, 12 May 1999 23:48:16 -0400 (EDT)

> Mr. Hermit, tell me please, do you think that "truths" are qualities
> of the universe or _descriptions_ of the qualities of the universe?
> And can you see the difference?

...I'd like to present option 3 - the universe doess not have qualities as such, it's fundamentally undefined [an infinite system without limits, the sum of all possible orders] and qualities, truths, attributes etc. are impositions placed upon the undifferentiated flux [Kant's manifold] by the process of consciousness.


Because other than that, I don't
> think we're disagreeing about anything whatsoever and as a result I
> don't really see a need to agrue with you any further.
> You seem to be saying that when truths aren't true anymore they stop
> being truths. Which I agree with. You see, I asked you once how
> you'd change the maxim to relect that and now I'll ask excatly the
> same thing over again one more time and see what happens:

>>But since it seems your real problem with the statement:
>>>> All statements of truth are embedded a particular frame of
>>>> reference from which they cannot be separated without becoming
>>>> suppositions.
>>was with the word "supposition", can I ask, why are we even having

> this >conversation at all?
>>More to the point:  Would you care to offer another word (or words)

> that >could take the place of "supposition" while retaining the
> intent of the >statement above? A word that might make this
> bandersnatch acceptable to you
>>and yours?

> And I'd really like to hear your answer! (If for no other reason
> than to dispell my impression that you're just being agrumentative
> for it's own sake here.)
> -Tim
> PS: The last sentence in my previous post left out the word
> "difficult", hence its obscure translation.
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