Re: virus: maxims and ground rules
Wed, 12 May 1999 23:16:09 EDT

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> >> >"truth, like a woman, is hard to understand"
> >>
> >> What is there to understand? That remains a mystery to me.
> >
> >truth like an allegory is never a woman
> Does that mean that women are liars?

In conventional sense of the word? Some are some aren't. I wouldn't say its gender specific.

Anyway, I wasn't referring to Truth.

Me neither.

> I meant the classic cliche of "women are so misunderstood".

I meant, just as allegory is not a truth so comparison to woman is not a truth.

I don't
> understand how there could be some sort of extra-super secret quality that
> only females have, obscured from men,

Well there is the matter of hormones and such and biology is only slowly shedding some light on what we consider extra sensory things, it may well be that they are actually sensory things.

and that myth has always puzzled me.

Well I think myth is as close to generic truth as we come.

> I don't feel enigmatic, except to myself.

Ther you go. And if its true for you chances are its true for others.

> ~kjs