Re: virus: maxims and ground rules

psypher (
Wed, 12 May 1999 23:07:51 -0400 (EDT)

> What's another way of saying, "imposes change on the meaning of the
> truth statement?" I think the intent of the maxim as originally
> formulated was to undermine the idea of truth that is not dependent
> on a particular model, agenda, context, what-have-you.

...more-or-less. I was thinking more broadly, along the lines of dependent on a particular experiential model of the manifold, say.

Does your
> proposed formulation preserve that? That's not a rhetorical
> I really can't tell.'s a good question. Let me give it another go.

-[1]All statements are embedded in a particular conceptual field.
-[2]Statements of truth define absolute limits of conceptual fields.
-[3]Statements of truth no longer delineate absolute limits when 
removed from the context of the conceptual field to which they refer.

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