Re: virus: coherence and correspondence

Dave Pape (
Thu, 13 May 1999 00:23:36 +0100

At 22:32 11/05/99 -0400, >-psypher wrote:

>>> Of course, around here, most people are going to go for the
>>> correspondence theory...
> do we know what "outside reality" is like in order to judge
>the correspondence?

Dynamite post from >-psypher. NICE one.

Cos... we don't really know what external reality's like. When you "see the world" you don't actually see the world, it's just symbols manipulating other symbols in a brain. Hm- look at me, making statements about how THINGS TRULY ARE again.

Once you realise that you never see reality, the correspondence theory BECOMES the the consistency theory, because Reality becomes ideas, becomes symbols, so an idea which "corresponds to reality" is just an idea that coheres with your perceptions. Which are still nothing more than symbols.

There's some lovely tickly content flying round the list at the moment. Sentences that turn logical figure-8s, statements whose truth & falsehood dynamics form the topological equivalent of Klein bottles. Nice.