Re: virus: Silly!

Zloduska (
Wed, 12 May 1999 19:01:02 -0500

one of the Snow Lepers wrote:

>Hey, God! How long before you're going to ruin the good luck of bad people?
> Bill Gates is like a god, deciding the fates of men. When will you prove
>that he's mortal, when will the righteous have a say?

So far I have stayed out of the volley of xtian/atheist argumentation posts pretty well, but here I must interject. This is a small pet peeve of mine.

What is it with Bill Gates, people? Why is *he* suddenly the Antichrist? I always see mention of what a rich and powerful bastard he is, without anyone backing that up. People take the piss because he's a wealthy white man. When did anyone claim to worship him? On the street one day, I saw some interesting graffiti that featured a green bespectacled face with the words "Bill Gates is watching YOU" above it. Since when did he become a supernatural dictator? I must have been out houska-huffing while he was taking over the world, issuing UPC numbers to the general public, installing remote-control computer chips in our brains, slaughtering all pet parakeets out of spite, distributing kangroo-porn, giving out mandatory parking tickets, and 'deciding our Fate'.

Here's news for you. He's just a GUY, okay? And he happens to be very successful, and of course, people resent him for it. Bill Gates is HARDLY like a God. That is ridiculous exaggeration. IMO, there are far worse and more powerful people than him, running amuck in this world. Like the Pope, for instance. Just because these fundamentalist-conservative-capitalist monsters get less exposure in pop culture, that doesn't make them any less evil. You're just an empty vessel to the virile Bill-Gates-is-Bad meme. Oy vey unto you.

Frankly, you are talking like a sausage. And you call us "silly".

"no me digas tonterias",