Re: virus: meta-movies

Zloduska (
Wed, 12 May 1999 01:35:03 -0500

James wrote:

>If the Rapture happens during the first half hour of the movie, what's
>the point of the rest?

Well, if you consider camera shots of "Moulder"'s naked arse Rapture, then you're in for a disappointment... But if so, then the purpose of the rest of the movie is to rip on dogmatic theism, of course.

KMO wrote:

>Sounds cool. I think I would want to watch the first half-hour though. You
>know, for the sake of... of... continuity. Yeah. That's it. Continuity.

Continuity. To fully grasp the "sinfulness" of the main character? If you like that sort of thing. I'm more of an abrupt and erratic person myself.

~kjs, avoiding the whole meta-maximus-consciousness thread because of finals week and a lack of the time that she is certain doesn't really exist