virus: Consensual Bandersnatching

Tue, 11 May 1999 12:15:59 -0700

If our maxims/bandersnatches are propositions that we all must agree to (this means agree to accept for the purposes of the Virus project--not agree to their truth or Truth) then we have zero bandersnatches so far.

"Consciousness is preferable to unconsciousness."

Tim (and possibly Robin) objects to this one.

"All statements of truth are embedded in a particular frame of reference
from which they cannot be separated without becoming suppositions."

TheHermit objects to this one, seemingly on the basis that he doesn't think it's true.

I've seen no response to any of the maxims Eric proposed, though I do not accept that "If truth is the goal, rationality is the way." I may, however, be convinced into accepting this bandersnatch for the purposes of this project.

Also, is "truth" our goal for the Virus project? I didn't think it was, but that's certainly something to put on the table for discussion.

I do like the ones from Kevin Kelly and Max Moore.

"Complexity must be grown from simple systems that already work."

Also see:

"No mysteries are sacrosanct, no limits unquestionable; the unknown
will yield to the ingenious mind." -- Max More

Note: I don't think the Max More maxim is true, but I think it's a beneficial starting assumption to make. No, I don't hold any mysteries as sacrosanct. I'm just not convinced that the unknown will always yield to the ingenious mind. I think the ingenious mind is very good at weaving very convincing illusions for itself.