Re: virus: Consciousness

Tue, 11 May 1999 10:23:19 -0700

Tim Rhodes wrote:

> Thank you, KMO, for your examples of things it is important to conscious
> of--human nature and the unspoken rules of social engagement that frame our
> lives, in this instance.

You're welcome.

> What else is could it be important to be conscious _of_? (Or is everything
> equally worthy of that distinction?)

The TOTD archives a full of bite-sized reminders of things I judge to be advantageous when kept "handy."

> KMO wrote:

> > As I've mentioned before, I did not decide to value consciousness after
> > weighing the potential benefits. Consciousness is something that I value for
> > it's own sake. Call it an element of my phaith.
> Sorry, I missed something. I though we were talking about what makes a
> good maxim not what makes a good f/phaith.

Call it an aside. You asked me to convince you of the value of consciousness, and I attempted to do so with the reference to and excerpt from Cialdini's book. In the aside I make clear that this sort of weighing the benefits is not how I came to value consciousness.