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Zloduska (
Tue, 11 May 1999 02:35:42 -0500

as for more memetically-flavored movie reviews:

I recently rented _The Rapture_. This movie shows both the perspective of Christians and atheists alike, in a dead pan, simple sort of way. It's not at all complex, and there are some weak mystical moments, but other scenes and exchanges between characters are priceless. Briefly, _The Rapture_ involves a woman named Sharon (Mimi Rogers) who leads a "sinful" lifestyle of excessive sex and drugs, and is content until one day the emptiness inside consumes her and she is nearly driven to suicide. Shortly after, she becomes "clean", finds Jesus, joins a religious cult, and awaits the end of the world. This is not a pro-Xtian movie, although it could be seen that way- if you're as dense as a meteor. It is very dark. In the end, her Faith and "trust in God" completely backfires on her and her family. It's almost an evil pleasure to watch, if it weren't so close to reality.

There are some drawbacks. Unless you are a fan of late-nite HBO skin-flicks, I would recommend fast-forwarding through the first half-hour of the movie; you won't miss anything. Also, that horrible actor from the X-files (David something-or-other) is a main character. Not to mention that the script and acting is terrible at the beginning. BUT, halfway through, the movie becomes much more eerie and entertaining, with a better plot and dialogue.

My favorite part:

zombie zealot: "God will forgive all of your sins."

jaded apostate: "But who forgives God?"

Gooey Pies and Lozenges 2 you all.