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Damn the fine print!

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>Rhonda Chapman wrote:
>> If one is a true atheist, then one believes in
>> NO gods. Lucifer/Satan is to all intents and purposes a god. I
>> to Lucifer precisely the same credence that I give all other gods.
>In the post script to that essay, David writes:
>For those readers who donít read the beginning, or else donít read
>I will
> reiterate this: I do not believe that the Devil (or Lucifer)
>exists. I take Lucifer merely as a
> symbol of rationality and independent thought. Since I donít
>believe that Lucifer exists, I
> am not calling for a new religion of Lucifer-worship, or
>following of Lucifer. By "praise
> Lucifer" I was only intending a tongue-in-the-cheek way of
>calling for a questioning of
> dogma, an affirmation of rationality and independent
>Following, obeying, and
> worshipping are not part of my own philosophy of life. (I
>that philosophy
> Extropianism-see the readings below.)