virus: a few bombs

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Mon, 10 May 1999 23:26:20 -0400 (EDT)

...taking into account a couple of things that I've seen pop up a
couple of times in the [admittedly short] time I've been here [which, btw I'm enjoying very much and learning a great deal from] I thought I'd throw a couple of things out and see what [if anything] gets people talking.

...a quick note on terminology. In my "unique way of viewing the
world" [thanks Roni] the universe is a vibratory phenomenon. Existence is a matter of resonance, stability of harmony and all the wide world sings. In any case, the term "node" describes

4 a : a point, line, or surface of a vibrating body or system that is free or relatively free from vibratory motion b : a point at which a wave has an amplitude of zero

  1. on magic:

...the common [exoteric] understanding of magical systems holds to a
literal interpretation of their symbolic content, insisting that if an idea complex describes 'demons' [for example] using material descriptors it must, indeed, be talking about material nodes. Insistence on this understanding of magical [and mythical] symbol sets denies their encoded [esoteric] meaning without knowledge of its content. analogous example would be insisting that because quantum nodes
are described as having qualities like spin and colour they must, in fact be spinning, coloured particles.

...a magical example would be insisting that it was the true
historical quest of the alchemists to transmute material lead into material gold.

...mythically, we could look at the idea of the devil [lucifer?]
posessing hooves as a description of a corporal entity rather than a comment on ecosystem competition with swine.

2. on the assumptions of science [as ideology]

...Frances Bacon, one of the principal architects of the techniques
of scientific reasoning constructed his method in opposition to a personalized and feminized anthropomorphic conception of nature [referring to a 'common harlot'] [in Novum Organum]. The humyn endeavour is thus excised from the larger manifold system.

...Science further assumes the place of a dispassionate observer.
Scientists have taken this symbolic illustration of an ideal and acted as though, by using a particular [ideologically loaded] investigative system they are free of personal bias in the construction and testing of their hypotheses.

3. on science [as investigative method]

...given that

Everything is a system. All systems (except perhaps quarks) are composed of causally related components which are themselves systems. All systems (except perhaps the universe) are part of one or more supersystems. [from the intro to Virus] takes the position of humyn reason as priviledged, as a
peak system. Our minds, in their capacity as pattern recognition structures choose elements of the perceived world and dissect them into their components [scientific reductionism]. This process makes the assumption that systems perceived by the humyn organism can be wholly accounted for by a catalog of their component parts as made available through the humyn sensoria, discounting any undefinable components which may lie outside our sensory capacity.

4. on language

...language is the technique by which the world is made real.
Language is the tool by which the humyn entity translates percepts into fixed nodes of being. The act of naming contains, limits and grants the power of manipulation. That which is named passes from the realm of the active and changing to a stable conception which remains so until [and unless] enough anomalous experiential data becomes associated with the concept to force a redefinition of its boundaries.

...ponder, comment or ignore at your discretion.

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