Re: virus: Maxims

Mon, 10 May 1999 17:29:54 -0700

Tim Rhodes wrote:

> Hey, why not work on the project that would solve the problem before us (seeing
> the same agruments from the same side of the fence over and over again)

That was my intention in suggesting that we formalize the ground rules.

> AND that
> we can actually all agree on as well?


> Screw the maxims, work on the FAQ.

Well, the maxims/postulates/talking points/bandersnatches are an answer to the questions "What is the purpose of this list?" and "How do you keep the discussion from wandering in unproductive ways?"

I think a FAQ or a set of ground rules (qua statements of common ground and common intent) can serve the purpose of keeping things on track by making it explicit that Virians are not obligated to go chasing off on all-too-familiar tangents every time a new true believer wanders into our midst.

What elements would you want to see in the FAQ?