Re: virus: Faith and Works

Snow Leopard (
Mon, 10 May 1999 12:01:36 PDT

>Jesus mentioned something about those destructive kinds of "can't stop
>or they'll think I'm weak" B.S. behaviors --I think it was a little
>to do with cheeks and slapping, if I remember correctly.

Yeah, he said turn the other cheek. But, when he preached and someone tried to stop him, he called them snakes. Why? Because they were using law and...


Hitting the people over their heads with i, simply because they had always been taught, or would that be stated "Infected with a meme that reads..." The religious elders are right. I hate religionas much as you do, and as atheism begins to become general practice, and you begi setting your laws, is it much surprise that someone should come and say, "no"?

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