virus: Email Antagonism v Agreement
Mon, 10 May 99 11:19:02 GMT

>Prof. Tim:

>PS: Eric, I hope your paper on e-mail communication includes
>a bit about how people only reply when they disagree and that
>as a result conflict is selected for over compassion, leading
>to futher alienation of the individual despite their belief
>that they're finding "connection" or "community" online.

Like Bill Hicks says, I think I see a way outta this!

Here's what you do: reply to the mail you agree with but cut out the text. Then at the start of the subject line, type GPL2 to stand for "I send groovy peace & love to..." and send.


GPL2 Tim Re: virus: Re: META: topical rules

Anyone who doesn't want these messages can set up a filter for any subjects beginning with GPL2, deleting them or sending them to a special Groovy Peace & Love folder.

What could go wrong? [Apart from the email server crumpling to its fucking knees, download times quintupling and evryone leaving the group.]

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