Re: virus: Re: META: topical rules

Snow Leopard (
Mon, 10 May 1999 06:15:04 PDT

>I've been meaning to write on some of your topics as
>well- they're fairly fascinating, but because of everyone poking us
>with separate questions just because we stand up and say "We're
>different", I haven't been able to.

>Excellent! What "topics" of ours interests you? Have you read the
>web pages for Virus?

I read- okay, I skimmed the Virus web page. In general, the ideas are sound. I can agree with some of it, and maybe I'm a case study in virus propogation. When I first came on, I couldnt understand the underlying statements and in-jokes, so I selected something that didn't seem terribly off-topic, and brought it up. It's making more sense now, but it seems that every time I write, everyone responds with pretty much the same thing. This is why I'm only answering to one. If you don't believe me, read the last 1/2 dozen messages.

>As to being different, all of us are that. You're just holding idea's
>that we found (in our own searchs) to be untrue (and usually unuseful
>as well). So, as a demonstration of our benevolence, we're trying to
>enlighten you!
>If you'd like to limit stuff, I think it should be fair. I'm sure you
>think it should be fair, too, just on a different definition. I'm
>willing to avoid saying some stuff, but whether or not I repeat
>Lord/liar/lunatic or the rest of it, just remember, I haven't actually
>goten one response with enough guts to give a fair answer.
> >>
>"Fair"?. We're not limiting discussion to be fair in any sense of
>that word (indeed, I think that "fairness" per say is a foolish goal).
>We want to limit discussion in order to talk about things that
>matter -- things that might actually change somebodies opinions!
>I'm not sure what you mean by your last sentence. Do you mean that,
>in the past, you've posed those problems (lord/liar/luanatic, etc.) to
>atheists and gotten unsatisifactory responces? If so, you should go
>do some research on Infidels, or any other good non-theistic web-site.
>Most include brief sections countering the common Christian

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