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Date: Sunday, May 09, 1999 6:04 PM
Subject: virus: maxims and ground rules

>According to the CoV website, one of the current projects on the Virus
>list is assembling a set of maxims that we can all agree upon. Of what
>does that set consist at this point?
>One neat thing about agreeing on a set of shared assumptions for guiding
>the project of creating a memetically engineered religion is that we
>could list them up front and say, "If you are interested in
>participating in an ongoing project based upon these basic ground rules,
>then we invite you to join the discussion."
>That way, when somebody posts something that is off topic but pushes our
>buttons sufficiently to get us to abandon the Virus project in favor of
>running down the tail-chasing refutation checklist for the umpteenth
>time with the umpteenth contestant, we can simply remind everyone of the
>agreed-upon framework/ground rules. Anybody can still say anything they
>want, and threads can wander way off topic, but it will simply be
>understood that Virians are only committed to answering arguments and
>challenges that are on topic. Once a thread has been recognized as
>having strayed outside of the mission trajectory of consciously
>engineering an immortal religious memeplex, then a poster in such a
>thread cannot assume or assert with any legitimacy that their challenge
>has met with mute acquiescence or that a lack of response indicates any
>kind of concession.
>So, what are we all agreed to here?
>Are we all agreed that consciousness is better than/preferable to