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Not so, Within a hundred years, humans will be able to explain the whole universe. And within twenty years, computers will out think and surpass human intelligence (from "Age of Spiritual Machines" - Kurzweil).

Don't underestimate evolution and it's ability to surpass itself, ie., the next stage in evolution is being created by us in the form of computers.

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> >
> > I don't have that take on things. Because we can't figure
> > something out does not mean it is unknowable.
> ...correct. But because we can figure some things out doesn't mean
> there isn't anything unknowable. The universe - being infinitely
> complex - is necessarily beyond the modelling capabilities of the
> biological humyn mind. Goedels theorem demonstrates this
> (paraphrasing John Lilley):
> A given computer can only contain the parameters of a smaller
> computer. The parameters of a computer of equal size would so occupy
> the imaging unit that no other processes would be possible. A larger
> computer simply wouldn't fit.
> the extent that the mind can be represented by computer
> analogies we can see that the universe is essentially
> incomprehensible in its full glory. Lucky for us that humyns have
> means of ordering information other than the mind. (emergent
> properties of the spiritual/biological complex)
> Humanity's age of
> > reason has just begun only a few centuries ago. 300 years vs.
> > millions of years behind a shroud.
>'re awfully committed to this idea of the value of the age of
> reason. It seems to me that you've bought in to the mythology of
> science fairly heavily, ever stop to think why?
> There is plenty to do other
> > than see solice in myth.
> ...solace and insight are different.
> > Crazy things exist.
> ...this statement is false.
> The universe is self-ordering on all scales,
> ...this statement is true
> > but it isn't perfect.
> ...this statement is false
> -psypher
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