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Snow Leopard,

Life and the cell did not just "appear". It probably was a natural self ordering step from some groups of chemical reactions. The cell wall is a result of these chemical reactions finally building a home. Thus, a life span. Then came groups of cells, and groups of groups, and on and on and on.

After all, homeostasis in the human body is the self-regulating of our biochemistry and the guzillions of cells that have grouped together to form one of us.

Check out some works using "Nothingness" or "Virtual particles" as keyword. This is pretty good tasting pudding. There is more to nothing than appears!

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>There is a difference between an open mind and a wise one. Anything
>goes doesn't wash.
>Most of us have arrived at atheism through science, reason, and the
>processes of elimination.
>When Christians use the same arguments we may have thought through a
>billion times we are not being intolerant to reject it out of hand, we
>are wisely standing against what we consider superstition and ancient
>anachronisms. We may have been there too, at one time.
>Evolutionary Biology and Cosmology have lots of information that
>Christians ignore. Why not teach these if we can.

You're right, and I was very much incorrect when I said "evolution" I meant as an explaination of the origin of life. Need I remind anyone that we've disproved spontanious generation for hundreds of years? The first "Simple" cell and its formation were the odds I was referencing.

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