Re: virus: Religious Memes

Fri, 07 May 1999 11:14:57 -0700

Tim Rhodes wrote:

> You are not the whole story--you don't even believe that yourself. If you
> really thought you were "the whole story" you wouldn't be so dependent on
> upon outside sources for the plot lines of your own personal myths. Do you
> think the story of evolution is anything less than mythic in its structure?
> Or that of Relativity? Or Quantum Physics? Really...
> We are the stories we tell ourselves. We understand ourselves through their
> telling and re-telling. Science is, to the art of social mythology, what
> technical writing is to great literature. (But at least the writers of VCR
> manuals and MSDS sheets aren't silly enough to claim that the _novel_ is the
> overwhelming cause of folly and wickedness in human beings and should be
> extinguished.)

This? This isn't a hat. It's a sombrero.