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Hehe, thanks. I agree with everything you have written here, we just have to live with the fact though, that our worldviews are somewhat unique, and unless you have the super-mind-ray 2000 in your arsenal, I think a slow approach to de-mystification is the most likely to succeed.

Bill Roh

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<< Message: RE: virus: Religious Memes >> Buy an occipital attachment called DeepSkep, model #348DS. It has
helped me. Or a myth spectrum analyser. Any generic brand is okay, they all work.

Mythology based political and social orders have to be removed. Our potential is locked up behind our myths. We have to move out and stand on our own. We ARE alone! Not cold turkey. Look at the result of legislated atheism through Marxism. A worse ideology than the religions it outlawed. So it is back to knowledge again. Democracy and science are wicked messy and quite clumsy, but it is the best way we know to move forward. Efficient in the long run.

The god of the Old testament is more of a hot-headed demon; a serial killer, so it can only get better as these superstitions are challenged in the next decades and centuries. It seems to me that leaving these nasty critters called Yahweh, or Allah (and the rest) behind can't hurt much in the long run. Imagine a child being raised without these anal retentive, guilt, and fear causing ideas. Just good family.