Re: virus: Computers & Kids

Eric Boyd (
Fri, 7 May 1999 00:05:18 -0400


You ask about the benefit of providing kids with laptop computers. I think the biggest benefit would be familiarity with the technology. I personally do not doubt that computers will be everywhere in the future -- and those unfamiliar with and uncomfortable around them will be at a disadvantage. However, a secondary advantage is the computer itself, and the types of things it makes possible. I've seen bold plans for interactive classroom presentations driven by lap-top using students -- where each student can "upload" their slides to the teachers server and ask questions with the benefit of overhead projectors and their audio-visual capability. It is a form of participation currently impossible. (it remains to be seen if students will *actually* do this, but the technology exists for it, irregardless). Another clear benefit of a computer is access to the internet and the associated gold-mine of information and people. This list itself stands as an example of the benefit of computers, in that sense. It has been of incalculable influence on my life. (and I'd like to think in a good way)