virus: Re: pious nothing-worshippers

Zloduska (
Fri, 07 May 1999 06:39:38 -0500

James wrote:

>Actually I find it quite comfortable to use my remote keyboard from a
>comfortable position anywhere, anytime and without reading glasses and
>sore eyes, on my big screen.

I wasn't trying to imply there is anything wrong with webtv. It's my observation that 99% of the users are 12 y/o Nintendo-freaks who cannot spell or even use the keyboard correctly, and so I'm always surprised when a relatively coherent person posts from a webtv account. However, there is still the problem of editing and cohesivenss... (hint, hint)

>Religious atheist?? MAYBE!!!! I have an agenda that regards any form of
>proven tyranny, lets say Fascism, Marxism, and Theocratic Religion,
>worthy of a certain amount of hostility.I am not tolerant of proven
>tyranny like some wuss-ass liberal or ignore it like some wacko red
>veined conservative that can't see beyond his christian nose.

I think it's noble that you admit it. I had not expected that.

But I still think you generalize Christians, or all people for that matter, negatively, when the truth is that not every one that has religious faith is that simple. I know many wise and unhypocritical religious folks. Some Xtian, some Muslim, other groups...and they cannot easily be pigeon-holed. I think you need to rid yourself of that hostility. You have good intent, but it's clouding your vision...


>It is Czech, not Slavic. It means squirrel and I know alot of nuts.

Erm... Czech IS Slavic, as is Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Croatian, etc. Just how Spanish is a Romance language. I knew it was czech, and that's why I threw in an offhand comment. Did you notice "Zloduska"? That's also czech...

and _then_:

>No "hair" here, just a headwear company for winter sports.
>Self-employed, self-regulated, self-educated. And I love my webTV

I wasn't making fun or mocking, I was just 'taking the piss', as they say, which I do to everyone here, so get used to it. ;-)