Re: virus: Religious Memes
Fri, 7 May 1999 00:22:36 EDT

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> ...I'm curious - why did you choose Milosovich and the Davidians as
> your examples of irrationality? Why not Clinton and the Pope?


> may seem like nitpicking, but I get uneasy when I see bland
> acceptance of deliberately constructed views of reasoned action.

Why not get uneasy when you kneejerk uneasy to one set of constructs and not another. There are manipulation machines behind every media icon and item.

> Within their respective systems, neither Milisevich (does anybody on
> here know the correct spelling??) of Koresh was particularly
> irrational - certainly no more so than most of us.
> - psypher
Every action has its reason but is it rational? I may have my reason for burning off a child's finger tips and should be allowed to do so, but all things being considered normal is this rational? Somewhere along the line a line of socially acceptable standards comes into play, like it or not. If everybody agreed with so called ethnic cleansing there would be no problem would there? One set of standards versus another, one set of reasons versus another. Majority generally wins, victor generally writes the history etc. Some of us are indeed more irrational than others, just as some of us are taller, or fatter, or richer, or whatever. Comes down to that which makes sense to you, for whatever reason.