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The universe is NOT infinitely complex, it only seems that way to you. There are simple laws that govern LOTS of things. Space and Time have limits.

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> I don't have that take on things. Because we can't figure
> something out does not mean it is unknowable.

...correct. But because we can figure some things out doesn't mean there isn't anything unknowable. The universe - being infinitely complex - is necessarily beyond the modelling capabilities of the biological humyn mind. Goedels theorem demonstrates this (paraphrasing John Lilley):

A given computer can only contain the parameters of a smaller computer. The parameters of a computer of equal size would so occupy the imaging unit that no other processes would be possible. A larger computer simply wouldn't fit. the extent that the mind can be represented by computer analogies we can see that the universe is essentially incomprehensible in its full glory. Lucky for us that humyns have means of ordering information other than the mind. (emergent properties of the spiritual/biological complex)

Humanity's age of
> reason has just begun only a few centuries ago. 300 years vs.
> millions of years behind a shroud.'re awfully committed to this idea of the value of the age of reason. It seems to me that you've bought in to the mythology of science fairly heavily, ever stop to think why?

There is plenty to do other
> than see solice in myth.

...solace and insight are different.

> Crazy things exist.

...this statement is false.

The universe is self-ordering on all scales,

...this statement is true

> but it isn't perfect.

...this statement is false

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