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If any Christian wants a debate I will do it point by point. Otherwise, there is no point!!!! Most christians are all over the board and do not want to talk about specific subjects. They have spells (scripture) to protect them from reason. They just parrot prophets and madmen.

Jesus was a liberal politician!!!! Not a right wing priest like Paul/Saul. Christians don't even understand the basic politics of humanity that their "myth" laid down. They are still locked up with that demon of the old testament. Nasty nasty critter.

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David McFadzean <> writes:

Would anyone object to a new Virus list rule that states that Christian apologetics is off topic?

Since everybody else seems to be saying no, I'll come across with a yes, although a qualified one. We could rule Christian apologetics (e.g. the most common types -- lord/liar/luanatic, pascal's wager, biblical contradictions, etc.) off topic, and instead concentrate on what Virus is really about -- enlightenment and the propagation of a new, memetically based, religion. I for one think we should be designing fliers and slogans, making T-shirts and generally getting the word out on Virus. Maybe we need to invent a hell for ourselves in order to motivate some action? :-)

In the final analysis, I think that what we really need is a couple of people who's job it is to "convert" the heathens who arrive here -- rather than what we have now, where we attempt to de-convert them from what they came here with first.

Are you ready to "become all things to all men" that you might save some?