Re: META: topical rules (was Re: virus: odds)

Eric Boyd (
Thu, 6 May 1999 16:40:11 -0400


David McFadzean <> writes:

Would anyone object to a new Virus list rule that states that Christian apologetics is off topic?

Since everybody else seems to be saying no, I'll come across with a yes, although a qualified one. We could rule Christian apologetics (e.g. the most common types -- lord/liar/luanatic, pascal's wager, biblical contradictions, etc.) off topic, and instead concentrate on what Virus is really about -- enlightenment and the propagation of a new, memetically based, religion. I for one think we should be designing fliers and slogans, making T-shirts and generally getting the word out on Virus. Maybe we need to invent a hell for ourselves in order to motivate some action? :-)

In the final analysis, I think that what we really need is a couple of people who's job it is to "convert" the heathens who arrive here -- rather than what we have now, where we attempt to de-convert them from what they came here with first.

Are you ready to "become all things to all men" that you might save some?