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Let me back up then. Absence of myth: As an authoritarian source of force behind social and political policy. Myth has contributions to make in art, history, literature, culture and notions of morality, etc. But myth as been taken so seriously with it's infallible claims and demands that until the 20th century, most wars and democide were committedin the name of myth based religions. A poor excuse for a government!


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James wrote:

<<As far as myth is concerned, they all have a "moral to the story", a kernel of human nature within. But we don't need myth. Myth came from us. It is not the other way around. We should look at all the forces behind organized superstitions. Myth should be in folklore books not the basis for humanity's worldview.>>

Why do you assume that an absence of myth is a superior worldview?

Richard Brodie
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