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Thu, 6 May 1999 15:30:21 EDT

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> Science/Knowledge is not codified. The method is. Each new discovery
> refines an old one. It is not in a state of stasis as are metaphysical
> worldviews. Dynamism! Science takes us from one place to another, never
> allowing us to say we know 'the truth". Which can not be said for the
> psychobabble from beyond the veil. Knowledge frees us from
> superstitions, allowing our minds to grow in all ways.

Everthing was once 'behind the veil' by various means, science, etc, we pull things out from that beyond, how much still remains we have no idea so we call it unknown, unknowable or god. Chances are we will be pulling things out from behind that veil from a long, long, long time. Some people can't help but speculate why the veil, and what all is behind it and so forth.