Re: virus: no purchase required

Trey Remington (
Thu, 06 May 1999 11:54:27 PDT

>ZEN? Nothingness is a metaphor. They dont worship anything, but they
>have their rituals which induce a physiologic state. Like a catholic in
>a huge cathedral. BUZZZZZZ.

The true Zen practitioner is mentally open by negating the value of internal dialogue. Satori would be a state of nothingness, beyond faith and skepticism. Why are you here if you won't get involved? Concentration is developed by bouncing an emotion-triggering concept against the wall of paradox. Feeling very positive about the 'truth' of that assumption then having your own intellect cancel its validity, the concept becomes an illusion. This continues (if you still do) until reality fades to triviality and you are just 'here'. The stream of consciousness flows much better when damned and debris is removed.

Catholicism is trance, mantra, music induced hypnosis, a state similiar to satori but temporary since the duration is dependent upon artificial conditions and the amount of neurological fatigue the Xtian can take.

The Zen practitioner seeks to deprogram and debug whereas the fanatic xtian seeks to run a program until it has performed an illegal operation.

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